error (SOLVED)

If you’re getting this error ( while installing any of the Apple products, then it could possibly mean that you’re downloading from Firefox (or a browser that doesn’t support).

Solution? Try changing the browser (Use the default IE) & re-download the product. Error usually occurs for Apple iTunes, QuickTime & while downloading Safari Web browser.

Usually this error occurs because Firefox handles network connections  bit differently than other browser. So, the moment you download certain file, you might end up downloading the corrupt version of the installer package.

So, change the browser & re-download  with a different browser.

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Here’s the much awaited Microsoft’s Surface Pro Review

Surface Pro is the most talked about tablet especially in the enterprise industry and the technology world. Most of them comparing Surface Pro with Apple’s macbook since this “Tablet” is the first of its kind that works like a fully functional PC but in tablet form.

Microsoft's Surface Pro Early Reviews

Hands-on with Microsoft’s Surface Pro

While there are some unofficial news about Surface Pro launch on January 26th, now there is some real review of this wonderful tablet on ZDNET. They got their hands on this beautifully designed tablet for enterprises & business men.

You can read the full review here in the ZDNET website here

Update: Surface Pro rolling out in US & Canada – Feb 9th.

Detailed & critic reviews of the surface:

Detailed Review from Tech Crunch >>


Critic Review from TheVerge:


Both Critics & the Good reviewers can’t seem to ignore one thing – Microsoft Surface Pro is a good product in the making. I’m going for Surface Pro because it is useful for me & serves more like a laptop replacment in tablet form. And for the rest, it is upto them to decide.

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