Firefox freezes in Windows 8 (Solved)

By Sai Bharadwaj
January 2, 2013

Update: You need to disable flash & use it only when its needed like watching  some youtube video. I personally use this Firefox Flash plugin & disable flash most of the time except if Youtube asks me to turn on.

Many users reporting on forums everywhere that Firefox not responding properly in Windows 8 with constant freezing & even browser shut down.

I found out a solution to this problem. While it may not solve the problem entirely (Firefox version 16 or lower), it can at least make your browsing experience better.

The Solution:

  • Click on the Firefox logo on the top left corner of your website.
  • Go to Options –> Advanced –> General
  • UNCHECK “User Hardware Acceleration when available” checkbox. We need this option to be disabled.
  • Restart your browser.

You won’t find the lag or freezing anymore.

Update: Incase, you still find the browser “not responding” thing –> then you may need to download Pre-build version of Frefox which is more like a beta version but, does not have any lag. Here’s the link to that:

  • Bill R

    Tried the “solution”, still freezes.

    • Sai Bharadwaj

      Yes unfortunately. We need a fix from Firefox immediately.

    • Sai Bharadwaj

      I have a better solution now :)